Monday, November 7, 2011

Yesterday was a day of rest and today... well, today has been one of those days. I won't elaborate further than to say that my own scatterbrainedness cost me $360 and I have to fly out TODAY instead of TOMORROW as I had thought. And when I handed over my credit card number - did I cry? Did I curl up in a ball and feel everso sorry for myself? Nope! I went on a run. And I feel GREAT! I repeated W1D1 and did not do the entire run each time, but I at least ran every time and this is a huge win considering in the past, I have run the first three runs and then walked the rest. This time I didn't focus on running a whole minute, just being able to run for 30 seconds or even 15 when the little BING went off and told me to run. I am very pleased with my efforts. Zaine went with me and that was also wonderful!

My stats today:
We were able to walk 1.83 miles in 30 minutes.
Walk Pace - 18.34/mile
Run Pace - 14.50/mile (WHAT?!?! Speedy Gonzales in the house!)

No idea how I ran faster, but hey, who am I to argue with the magic of the iPhone? Now I am off to Seattle until Thursday. I am hoping the hotel has a fitness room with a treadmill so I can get in a run on Wednesday. If not, I guess Thursday will be my W1D2 (the second). I believe I will definitely be ready to go onto Week 2 next week!

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