Friday, November 4, 2011

Because I need trinkets to stay motivated!

I decided today to build a Pandora(ish) bracelet with a new charm for each completed week of running. Tomorrow is the end of Week 1, but I went ahead and ordered a bracelet and my first charm today.

It will keep me motivated to move towards the Princess 1/2 and give me something tangible to SEE my goals as I achieve them. Very exciting!

I didn't run today but I did do a kettlebell workout. It was interesting... I definitely got a workout but it didn't kill me, so I'll keep at it on my off-days.

I have to work both Saturday and Sunday so I need to sneak my W1D3 run in hopefully on Saturday. Right now, my plan is to repeat Week 1 again so I am less winded and able to actually do all the runs without feeling like I am going to die. If I move onto to Week 2 without being able to really DO Week 1, I don't think I will continue very far. I read other blogs and run journals about C25K and no one seems to have the problems with Week 1 that I have. It's Week 4 everyone complains about... I must be EXTRA out of shape. (LOL) That's ok. It will be even sweeter when I cross the finish line!

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