Thursday, November 10, 2011

I'm so exhausted! I flew across country Monday and flew back Wednesday. The time change was not on my side and I have jet lag big time today. I did get up and walk on the treadmill at the hotel yesterday morning and with no EVIL HILLS, I was able to do all of the runs for the full amount of the time. Amazing! Who knew the hills could make that big of a difference? The weird part was I ran at a 15 mile/minute pace and walked at about a 18 mile/minute pace (according to the treadmill) and yet, I only walked 1.6 miles. Please explain? Normally at that pace, I do 1.8 miles or more.

Anyway, I think I am too exhausted to do it today and I'll just do some kettlebell. I have my Day 3 run on Saturday, then next Monday I will move to Week 2. It's moving forward, which is all I can ask. Well, that and a nap!

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