Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I have the kneezles.

Yep. It's official. I have runner's knee(s) and it SUCKS. I have been off running for 3 days and my knees still hurt. I am icing them and taking Motrin, and most vexingly, staying off them. My mother has started to refer to my malady as the "kneezles" which sounds very cute but feels everso crummy. I bought two knee braces tonight and am going to try to run tomorrow. Also, from reading on the internet, it seems like the problem with the treadmill might be that my incline is not high enough. This makes sense since I was mainly going UPHILL on my outside runs and only did a flat run on the treadmill. I will hike up the incline tomorrow and see if that helps my kneezles. The other thing that might help are squats and wall slides. These will strengthen my quads which will help my knees to feel better. Whatever works! I am discouraged to be taking so many days off but I have to take care of my knees long-term and not "push through" something that might be doing permanent damage to my body.

Tomorrow, tomorrow... I hope to run tomorrow!

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