Saturday, September 14, 2013

One week from today!

In 7 short days, I will be competing in my first triathlon!  Competing is a misnomer since all I am trying to do is finish, but I guess in a way I will be competing against one of my biggest foes:  FEAR!  I am flipping terrified. 

Of this:

Fat girls make tasty snack!  YUM! 
Or this:
Should have started swimming earlier than 2 weeks before the tri.  WTG, fish food!
 Or this:
Nice work with all of 5 hours of practice on an actual bike!  But congrats on not falling off the stationary bike at the Y!
Or this: 
Legs too tired to move.  Caught in stampede.  Night night.

(This is what everyone will be thinking.  Well, the ones not thinking about sharks.)

So, as you can see, I'm not mentally in my happy place.  I have a week to try to tame my fears and actually attempt to enjoy this experience.  I give that idea about a 15% chance of working.  I do feel like I've trained semi-well (although I wish I had 4 more weeks), and I do think I can finish just because I am not generally a quitter.  In fact, I believe that if I can make it through the swim (.9 miles), I can take it pretty easy on the bike (24.5 miles) and slog through the run (6.2 miles).  Right?  You agree that I probably can do it, despite being fat, tasty, clumsy, and tired?  Well, good, at least I have you on my side!

All I know is that if I finish, I am going to UGLY FACE CRY when they put that medal around my neck.  This is the first race where I feel like I will have accomplished something HUGE.  My half marathons were fun, but I never thought I couldn't do it.  This race is so different.  And if I can pull this off, I will have really felt like I did something amazing.

I finished!  Gimme my medal before I snot all over you!
(And damn, is this a creepy gif, or what?!?)


  1. I... LOVE... YOUR... BLOG! You just found my blog, "Becoming My Husband's Girlfriend, Again" and I like to check out who is following me. I can't tell you how much I just laughed and sat here saying, "YES! I feel the SAME way!" Your photos, thoughts and worries are so normal for your first tri... and well, some of the fears may stay around through your first several tris. I can't believe you are jumping into tris at the Olympic level, but you GO, LISA! We are both on very similar journeys with weight loss, finding the balance, keeping inspired, confidence, but at the end of the day, it is our dedication to being healthy and happy that will get our butt out bed, to the gym, and to that finish line! Triathlon has become my golden key to success and about the feeling fat part on race day... WHO CARES! YOU have already lost a bunch of weight... YOU have trained... YOU are going to swim/bike/run/transition (you can't forget the transitions) your heart out... and YOU will be a TRIATHLETE when they give you that medal! YOU are going to fight your way through it and there will be no better feeling when you cross that finish line! I can't wait to read all about it!!!

  2. What a great post! I am terrified of swimming in open water, so unless I can find a tri that is in a swimming pool or I get prescribed some awesome anti-anxiety medicine, I don't see me accomplishing this anytime soon! Loved the tri-suits photo. That is totally how I feel in my running clothes at the moment...