Saturday, September 7, 2013

No sprint tri for you!

I went to register for the Sprint Tri this weekend and it was sold out.  I was bummed, but I always try to look for the positive (ie - things happen the way they are meant to, and who knows?  I could have gotten into a car accident on the way there if I had gotten in).  Soooooooo, no practice tri for me before the main event.

I have TWO WEEKS from today!  Let's recap my progress: 
I am swimming every day and getting better.  This is good. 
I am slow as molasses.  This is bad. 
I have a great & fast bike to ride.  This is good.
I don't ride it regularly.  This is bad.
I run almost every day.  This is good.
Again, slow.  So very slow.  This is bad.

I have 4.5 hours to complete this Olympic Tri.  My estimates of time are:
Swim - 1.5 hours
Bike - 2 hours
Run - 1.5 hours

This is 5 hours. :(

I don't know how to make myself faster in two weeks.  And all that BS about "race day adrenaline" has NEVER applied to me.  I race like I train.  No faster, no slower.

I am overwhelmed with how much I need to improve, but I don't feel doomed.  As my mom said, "What's the WORST thing that will happen?"  Well, the worst thing is that I get a DNF.  And I can live with that, really.  In comparison to something being wrong with the kids or not being able to work towards my current educational goals (I'm going back to college), a DNF is not the end of the world and would probably be a great learning opportunity.  One I DO NOT want and will fight like Hell not to have happen, but really... it's worth trying and giving my all because at least I know I put my heart into it and went down fighting. 

I hope it doesn't sound like I expect that to happen.  I am almost absurdly optimistic that I can finish, despite what reality seeps in.  I guess we will find out in two weeks!  I am great under pressure and I feel like I have the mental part down, so I just have to drag my body behind my mind and make it work!

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