Friday, August 30, 2013

My new mantra: I love to swim.

I'm switching up my schedule next week to break up my biking, but I was wondering about when to do my swimming.  I did what every reasonable person does when in search for info - I googled it.  I saw many people saying swimming every day is ok (even good) and some specific triathlon advice about swimming every day.  So starting Monday, I am swimming M-F, and taking Saturday and Sunday off from swimming.  If all those random people are right, I should see big improvements!

I recently read a great book on triathlons called Triathlon for the Every Woman: You Can Be a Triathlete. Yes. You. by Meredith Atwood - better known as SwimBikeMom.   She recommended that you tell yourself you like doing whatever it is you don't want to do (or are having trouble with).  In my case, this is swimming.  I am working on bilateral breathing and I have a mantra where I say: I (stroke), LOVE (stroke), TO SWIM (breathe) as I flounder through the water.  This way I brainwash myself AND remember when to breathe at the same time!  I am trying to do one thing more swimmerish each day and this bilateral breathing is apparently the best way to go.  Next week, I'll work on putting my head down into the water.  The other big thing I know I need to work on is when/how to kick.  I am going to YouTube like a beast this weekend and see if there are any good swimming tutorials.  I'll report my findings next week.

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