Monday, September 16, 2013

Dear Future Me...

As documented in my last post, I am a nervous wreck about my first triathlon coming up in FIVE VERY SHORT DAYS.  So, I remembered something fun I had to look forward to (and something I do for all my races or big events) and that is: I write a letter to my future self as soon as I register for an event.

 This site: is awesome!  It lets you write a private (or public, for you exhibitionists) letter to be delivered anytime in the future you specify FOR FREE.  Sometimes I write emails for the day before a race that says:

Nothing says perseverance like a determined toddler.

 And sometimes, I write an email for the day after the event that says:

Actual race photo of me in action!
The greatest part is that I have such a short attention span, that by the time I get the letter, I forgot I sent it so... EXCITEMENT - I get happy mail!  And honestly, I get pretty jazzed about getting mail.

Maybe not as jazzed as Steve here, but you know... pretty excited.  I work on saying nice things to myself instead of the negative thoughts that sometimes rattle around, so these letters are a chance to really lay it on thick.  "You are amazing!" and "No one will be looking at your jiggly ass!" frequently appear in my affirmations to myself.

I highly recommend you try it!  And if you don't have a race coming up, just pick a random day and write yourself a letter that will send yourself some sunshine one day in the future.  It's easier than writing a letter with your feet!

Dear Future Me, spend more on pedicures.

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