Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Being an Athena Triathlete

Athena sounds like a skinny girl.  I think they
should have called it the Roman equivalent -
Minerva.  You just KNOW Minerva is
stuffing her face with oreos somewhere.
When I registered for the Outer Banks Triathlon months and months ago, I weighted 168.  The new 2013 Athena Division rules bumped up the minimum weight from 150 to 165.  Since I was so close, I figured FOR SURE I would lose at least 10 lbs in the training process before the race and would only qualify for being an Age Grouper.  But, nope.  I didn't lose a single ounce!  This has been frustrating, but I'm trying to focus on the training and not the scale.  My guess is that I was not eating enough (as counter intuitive as that sounds) and I really just decided about two weeks ago to stop worrying about weight loss until after the tri.

Today I called the race director to see if I could switch divisions to be an Athena.  I have really mixed emotions about this!  On one hand, it makes sense to be with ladies more my size, I guess.  And it might mean the difference between being dead last in the Age Group vs. at least out-waddling one or two gals in the Athena division.  On the other hand... I don't wanna be big enough to be an Athena - even by 3 lbs.  And it's disheartening to struggle with weight issues and have to accept being more suited to the bigger girls' group.

I really just have to get over it and give myself a reality check.  For one, it's my FIRST triathlon and who I start with will make no difference in my finishing time.  That's my personal battle.  Second, I consider myself a huge lard ass but I would NEVER consider other ladies in this group as anything other than amazing athletes working hard to achieve their goals.  Why am I so hard on me then?  Issues, much?

Athena was the goddess of  wisdom, courage, inspiration, among other things.  Maybe I need to focus on what's amazing about being an Athena and not the junk in my trunk.

Related, is this survey from the USA Triathlon about the Athena and Clydesdale divisions.  It has some interesting questions and might lead to more events focusing on these athletes.  Check it out!

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  1. I've been racing in the Athena category for the past 2 years and had NO IDEA that the minimum weight had been changed this year. Although I've lost 50 pounds, I still have a way to go before the 165 will be an issue for me, but it goes to show that it is not watched or enforced. Thanks for the link to the survey... and GOOD LUCK!!! :-)