Friday, November 18, 2011

Yay! It's CHARM day!

Actually, tomorrow is the end of Week 2's training, but I was so pleased with my run today that I went ahead and gave my charm to myself today. I ran the C25K run exactly as directed. It was hard, but I did it! I really had to push myself on run 5 and I was enormously proud of myself for making it happen. As seen in the photo, my new charm is a little running shoe. It's very cute and looks great with my Princess charm. I love it!

Now the bad news... my knees HURT! They were somewhat sore this morning, but mostly felt like they needed a stretch. While I was doing my run, they didn't bother me a bit. But afterwards - yikes. They are SORE. So, I am sitting here blogging with ice on my knees just like a real runner.

What's that you say, invisible blog reader? I AM a real runner? Oh you are too sweet! But I think I will feel like a real runner when I can actually run longer. Right now, I am a baby runner in training.

I do think I will continue to use the treadmill to build up my endurance. I know I need to run on road - outside - to train... that's what they all say on the internet... but the hills just serve to discourage me and the fact that I can't finish the run as directed is upsetting. I want to know I can do what each week has planned for me and I just can't do that outside right now. I think what I'll do is run on the treadmill twice a week and outside twice a week. Then I can do the program to a "T" on treadmill days and give myself a break on road days. I mean, I'll do the best I can, but those hills are dream killers.

I need to bottle how I felt today after my run and take little sips when life starts to suck!

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