Saturday, November 12, 2011

Windy Saturday run

Zaine and I went on our Saturday run today and it was WINDY! That and the evil hills made for a slower run time. I also am very concerned that these new shoes are doing something funky to my legs. My leg from the knee down to the ankle ACHES badly starting about halfway through the run. Like a super tired ache. I slowed down because of that too.

Here are today's numbers:
I walked 1.85 miles in 30 minutes
Walk Pace - 18.20/mile
Run Pace - 15.21/mile

I am proud to have made it through two weeks of training! I was thinking I'd see more weight loss by now, but I have only lost two lbs and that was the first week. This week I lost NONE. I haven't really changed my eating habits other than to cut back on sweets. So, I am thinking of starting a food journal Monday to track caloric intake and cut back on snacking. My overall goal is to become a runner, but I was hoping weight loss would accompany that. I have a big event in March and I'd really like to drop some serious poundage by then. I guess I am going to have to work a little harder if I want that to happen...

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