Saturday, November 5, 2011

I completed Week 1 of C25K!!!

OMG - I am so excited and pleased with myself. Now, I just have to do it all over next week! LOL

Today I walked 1.9 miles in 30 minutes.

Walk Pace - 18.27/mile

Run Pace - 15.53/mile

I slowed down my walk pace to try to do better on the runs, but my run pace was faster. I don't think I can run slower!! I was trying to run slow and this is what I did. Anyway, each day is better and better. I feel great at the end of each outing and not like I am fixin' to die. In fact, I probably could keep going, which is a good feeling.

I noticed I am going a bit further each day, which is great. The goal is to go 5k (or about 3 miles) in 30 minutes. I am really close to being at 2 miles!

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