Saturday, November 19, 2011

Blah, Blah, Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

If yesterday was made of WIN, today was made of blah. I primarily walked through my last day of Week 2, only running 2 of the 6 runs-the first and the last. I don't know if doing back to back days just knocked me out or what, but I was not working it today AT ALL.

Sad, sad stats:
I walked 1.65 miles in 30 minutes
Walk Pace - 18.50/mile (slow and steady)
Run Pace - 15.00/mile (when I ran)

Just BLAH.

Yesterday was my best day yet:
I walked 1.85 miles in 29 minutes
Walk Pace - 17.38/mile
Run Pace - 15.00/mile

Not sure if I'll continue doing 4X per week, based on needing a recovery date moreso as I move forward. I guess I had to have a bad day somewhere along the way. Hopefully, I will pick back up on Monday!

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