Wednesday, October 2, 2013

On being "Mentally Tough"

Just a quick aside that makes me laugh...

Most everyone is making a big deal about my triathlon and that is awesome!  The biggest compliment I've been getting was on my mental toughness.  I have to laugh a bit because I think it's more a case of stubbornness and stupidity.  For example, when I was on the bike and it hurt (and man, it HURT), I wasn't thinking, "Time to cut my losses and quit."  Oh no, I was thinking:


Here's what I probably should have been thinking:

So, see?  Not mental toughness!  Sheer stupidity! 
And then I fell down and I jumped right up, bleeding my guts out, and thought:

When I should have been thinking:

Clearly, I am completely full of mental fortitude since it never even occurred to me to quit, or think I was stupid for trying.  This means I am probably insane or THE MOST AWESOME TRIATHLETE THAT EVER LIVED.  Nah, I'm crazy.  But it's a pretty cool flavor of crazy to be and I'm sure that unwillingness to throw in the towel when I could keep going will help me in my regular life.  I probably should have stopped writing this post before I let Nicki Minaj call me a hoe, though, right?

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  1. OH... MY... GOSH... You are killing me, Smalls! :-) I can't stop laughing... you are a rock star! :-)