Monday, October 7, 2013

Gearing up for Disney's Wine & Dine Half Marathon

Recovery time is over and now I need to get busy!  In 32 days, I will be running the Wine & Dine Half Marathon at Walt Disney World in Florida!!!

I have loved the RunDisney events I have done before (Tinkerbell Half 2013 & Princess Half 2013) and this race coming up is often said to be many people's RunDisney favorite.  I am most excited about running through the Osborne Family Festival Of Lights since this is a night race.

So first, I need to ramp up the running/training.  I feel ok going into it knowing that I am a back-of-the-packer and Disney "races" are glorified 13.1 mile parades where you stop and get your picture taken with characters, for the most part.  I know some people take these races seriously and look for a PR, but I'm just doing this because I love Disney and I want an excuse to dress up.

Which brings us to SECOND (which is ALL CAPS because it's way more important than "first"), and that is WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR???  I kinda was thinking about Ursula from Little Mermaid.  I love this costume idea:

I'm going to make this.  Only less good.
We'll see how ambitious I get in the next 32 days.  Whatever I end up wearing, I hope it involves lights!  I love this EL Wire idea and you can buy battery operated wire on Amazon for like $10.

Too Tron?  Actually, the chances I will catch myself on fire seem pretty high with this plan.
But seriously, I do need to ramp up the running again.  Two weeks off was too much.  I think I was pretty recovered after about 9 days and the last 5 have been me just being lazy.  My base is 8 miles, and I do 4 miles at least twice midweek so I think I can finish with no problem.  I shouldn't disrespect the distance, though.  It's still a half marathon regardless of the location or on-course entertainment.

So, yeah.  I need to get this big booty in gear!

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