Saturday, October 19, 2013

I'm tired just thinking about it.

Yes, exhausted.  "Thinking about what?" you ask? 
It's the 10pm start of the Wine & Dine Half three weeks from today. 
This is me at 6:30pm most nights.  It's about time to call it a day.
I go to bed at 10pm.  The only reason I don't go to bed earlier is because the kids are up.  But I'm tired!  I get up before 6am and go non-stop until dinner is over and I can start to relax.

Here's my expected response to waiting in Corral I while all the earlier corrals go first.
I keep telling myself I need to run later in the day, to get used to it... but I am soooooooo tired by 9pm that it is almost a comical conversation with myself.

Self: "It's 9pm!  How 'bout a quick run before bed?
"Self? Self?!?  Wake up!"
 I do have a chemical helper, if need-be.  My doctor gave me something called NuVigil, which is for people who work night shift and can't stay up.  It's also to keep soldiers alert during combat.  Is this doping?  I'm not sure I like this option!

The race should last until at least 1am for me. 
I was not fully aware that there was a "1" twice in the same day since I am never awake for both.
I do have three weeks to practice staying up!  Is that enough time??  I'm not even concerned about the run training (which I really should be!).  I am worried about maintaining alertness and not falling over during the race.  Or worse!  At the after-party that goes on until 4am.  
Finish line photo.  Smiles and then night-night.
I plan to take it really easy on Saturday so that I am rested.  No parks and maybe even a nap if I can manage it.  I am not much of a napper, though.  I guess the next three weeks need to be spent staying up for 15 minutes later each night.  Wish me luck!  This will be my biggest challenge!!

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