Saturday, October 12, 2013

Ironman World Championship - Kona 2013 - IT'S TODAY!!

Can you feel the excitement today??  At approximately 12:30pm EST, the pros will be diving in to start the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii!!  This is a very challenging course, but these are the best of the best competing!  You can watch live at IRONMAN.COM today, or you can wait for the 2 hr. NBC recap that will be aired on Saturday, November 16th at 4:30 p.m. EST.

They do an underpants run a few days before the event.
Running in your tighty-whiteys is hardcore!
We have a consult for a client today at 1pm, so I will at least get to see some of the swim before I leave.  I was most interested in watching the transition between swim and bike (called T1) but it doesn't look like that will happen.  Too bad you can't DVR your live computer feed!  I obviously will never compete at this level, but it's fun and educational to watch these athletes run the race.

Hey, I'm just following this officially posted sign.  If it said FAST RUNNING, I totally would do it.
My training for Wine & Dine is off to a slow start, but I made a plan and am implementing it.  I actually sketched out a plan for now through the full marathon in January, then through the Ironman Raleigh 70.3.  I am still considering coaching (or perhaps purchasing an online training program via but for right now, it's good to have something written down to aim for. I included swimming and biking as well because I really need the hours of practice behind my belt before starting the half iron training in earnest next February. 

This is what I imagine Japan will look like.  In reality, I will probably just see classrooms and the insides of hotels.
February?  Yep.  I do the full on January 12th, then immediately following, I travel to Wichita, Kansas for the week, then I'm home for a week before going to Japan for a whole week.  All in the name of teaching balloon decor!  I am excited about Japan, but it does push back training.  It should be a good three weeks of recovery (although my schedule will not be restful) after the full before I hit it hard again.
The good news is that after my trip to Boston in two days, and another week-long trip to Wichita the end of October (I'm making balloon decor videos!), I should not have to travel for the rest of the year and my training will not be interrupted.
Enjoy Kona today!  Best of luck to the athletes!

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