Monday, October 21, 2013

Back to training - speedy style!

It's been exactly one month since my first triathlon and despite my well-meaning intentions, it was also the first day I went back to the gym since then.  I know!!  I feel your scorn from here.

Wil ran with me and we totally looked this cool!
I ran 4 miles in my fastest time ever.  Wait - what?  Should I take a month off more often?

What?  I'm IN TRAINING, obvs.
Since I have three weeks to get back in shape for a half marathon, probably not.  In fact, I don't see myself slowing down until... well, maybe the end of triathlon season next year.  I can half-ass a Disney half marathon, but I can't do that for the full and I especially can't do it for a half-Ironman.  I have a plan and now I have a little momentum.  I'd also like to lose 10lbs (if possible) before I go to Wichita to make the balloon videos. I have until the first part of December for that goal.

So.... Yay for getting back to doing what I should be!

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