Thursday, December 22, 2011

Outside run in December

It was 70 degrees and Zaine wanted to run with me, so we went outside for our run today.

First: what sucked:
Zaine got a rash about half way through and slooooowed us way down. Also a neighbor lady stopped us to chat. Both things seriously messed with our pace.

Second: what was awesome:
Those evil hills? Not so evil anymore! I was not hurting, not dying, not praying for the end at any point during the excursion. This really shows me that I AM improving.

Third: what confused me:
My pace was fairly leisurely in that I was not pushing for an all time speed record... plus there are significant hills, plus I was slowed down as mentioned above. And yet, my average pace was 17:48 minute miles. To get that on the treadmill, I have to bust a move. I also covered my mileage in a shorter amount of time than what the treadmill reports. This leads me to believe that my treadmill is a dirty little LIAR. My run pace on the treadmill is 17:38 mm (painfully slow, to be sure) but my run pace outside was 16:40 mm and I was not huff-puffing even a little bit.

So, this is good to know because I feel like I am the pokiest person ever, but my actual pace is faster than the treadmill is telling me. This means when I do an actual race, I will hopefully be fast enough to show a good time! (and have a good time too!!)

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