Sunday, February 2, 2014

How I Lost 5 Lbs In A Week!! (aka My Trip To Japan!!)

I've been ignoring my wee little blog lately, but for a pretty good reason.  I've been in exotic and exciting Japan!  And, since this is a blog about exercise and weight loss, I'll bring it home by saying that I lost 5 pounds over the 7 days I was in Japan.  I could explain this revolutionary new diet plan, or I can just show you some highlights:

This is a delicious baked potato completely ruined with squid and squid liver pate.

This was the hotel breakfast: seaweed with beans, ginger root in "sauce", salad with something decidedly NOT ranch dressing, pork sausage that was a little off, fruit and rice.

Lunch one day - a collection of mystery foods.  I did eat the sushi and there was potato salad in there.
This is a tiny Pepsi bottle being served in a tiny little glass.  I guess they don't believe in Super Sizing beverages.

I love noodles, but octopus is chewy.

My quick lunch option on two of the days.  Sandwiches from the local 7-11.  I didn't eat the whole thing.

So, needless to say, I lived on rice all week:
I am lousy with chopsticks so only about half of the food I wanted made it to my mouth.
Also, apparently people in Japan walk everywhere as well.  When I would ask how far something was, I was usually told in terms of how long a walk it was.  Since they all seem to power walk like something was chasing them (perhaps the mama squid?), a 15 minute walk was easily a mile.  So I walked.  A lot.

Don't get me wrong... I had a blast.  But eating was not something I did a great deal of.  Fortunately,
the complete flip-flop of time zones (Japan is about 14 hours ahead of EST where I live in NC) meant I was so tired that I was too nauseated to eat much in the first place.  Believe me when I tell you the first thing I did after clearing Customs was to buy a gigantic tea from McDonald's and a bag of white cheddar popcorn.

Here are some pics of some of the cool things I got to see between teaching classes and prepping for those classes:
Atsuta Shrine in Nagoya (

Kaminarimon Gate (

Sensō-ji (ō-ji) - This tower is said to hold some of the ashes of the Buddha.

Tokyo Skytree - ( This picture was taken at 450 meters up!

Mt Fuji (taken from the train window between Nagoya and Tokyo)
I had a wonderful experience, but I am happy to be home.  Now I can start my 100 days towards getting serious on training.  I have a race next Saturday - the Krispy Kreme Challenge and I'm glad I'm not running for time because I would not be so speedy.

I have to say that 5lbs gone was a welcome surprise and I'm looking forward to losing more before squeezing into my silver dress at the end of March!


  1. I visited Japan quite often when I lived in Korea. It was only an hour and half boat ride away. Food is great! Glad you had a great time! Congrats on the weight loss!

    1. Awesome that you have been so many times and got to live in Korea as well! This was my first time out of the US and I fell in love!! (Well, not so much with the squid...)

  2. I love the pictures you put on FB. I think in general, Americans just eat too much. I was in Hong Kong with my friend for 2 weeks and I lost weight too. Not because they are vegetarians but their lifestyle is different than ours and also portion size is much smaller. They do eat several times a day. And they walk alot because owning a vehicle is a premium.