Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Most Dynamic Playlist I've Ever Posted! (also the only one!)

Ah, the workout playlist... It can push you forward or maybe even hold you back.  I know when "Easy Like A Sunday Morning" comes on, I often wonder if I just shouldn't be sleeping in instead of putting my body through this sweet, sweet torture. 

Here is a list of my top 10 favorite (for the moment) playlist songs for my runs.

Work, B*tch - Britney Spears

YES!  I love this song.  Poor Britney Spears... she's not that bright or talented, but she can singy-talk her way through any dance hit with a vacant-eyed smile.  This song really speaks to me because (as Britney and I know), I'm kinda lazy and need to be called out.  I DO want to party in France and look hot in a bikini but I don't know where to start.  Thankfully, BritBrit let's me know in that sassy, guuuurlfriend way.  I gotta work, bitch.

Galvanize - The Chemical Brothers

This is a good pump-up jam that gets me going and asking myself, "Am I holding back?"  The answer is usually yes and The Chemical Brothers know this.  They don't want me to hold back and they tell me so over and over.  So, I push a little harder.

Gangnam Style - Psy

This song is like crack.  I want to quit it, but I just can't.  Not only is it teaching me Korean (although I'm pretty sure the lyrics translate to "Monkey Cotton Balls Eating Your Bowl Of Soy Beans") but the beat just keeps you going.  I literally never get sick of it, which I think puts me in the 1% of living humans that can say that.  Plus, he's totally talking about me when he says, "Hey Sexy Lady!"

I Like To Move It - Madagascar

Yeah, I don't actually like to move it, move it.  I like to nap it, nap it.  Hearing someone who so enthusiastically DOES like to move it, move it is a real pick-me-up.  This goofy song is fun with a good beat and puts a smile on my face.  And it's sung by Borat!

Magic - B.O.B.

I've got the magic in me - rap, rap, rap - magic, magic, magic.  It's a good song.

My Shiny Teeth And Me - Chip Skylark

I love this song for three reasons:
1) It reminds me of my kids watching Fairly Odd Parents when they were still young and fresh.
2) It's about oral hygiene and who can hate that?
3) It's catchy as all get out!

It also makes me laugh that it's a ridiculous song to work out.  But it's so cheerful!  I dare you not to smile when you listen and then want to immediately go don some Crest Strips.

Titanium - David Guetta feat. Sia

This song was on the short list for the halfway song at the Disney Princess in 2013.  I really like this song because it makes me feel strong. And the that driving beat after the slow singing is just cool.  It's an empowerment song!

America, F*ck Yeah - Team America: World Police

LOL - This song just makes me laugh.  It's like the "Don't Mess With Texas" attitude about a whole country.  When it comes on my playlist, I forget about my suffering and secretly giggle that people are cursing on my earphones and no one knows.   And Bed, Bath, & Beyond totally deserves more "F*ck Yeahs!"

Get Lucky - Daft Punk

It's repetitive, but bouncy.  I'm all for getting lucky, however, I certainly can't stay up all night.  I think getting lucky at like 4:30pm when you are not too full from dinner yet and still have some energy is much more realistic for my lifestyle.

Groove Is In The Heart - Deee-Lite

This song is almost 15 years old and yet still so fun to sing out loud - which I totally try not to do at the YMCA but usually fail miserably.  By mid-run, I am usually wondering where my groove is because it's flat-ass GONE.  Deee-lite reminds me it's in my heart, and truly isn't that where all endurance running comes from?  That's deep, man.

Well, I feel like I've really changed your life here today.  My playlist suggestions will surely cause faster and more joyful running.  So, you're welcome.

But seriously - My Shiny Teeth And Me is a keeper.  Happy running!

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  1. Solid picks. And I totally giggled at "Yeah, I don't actually like to move it, move it. I like to nap it, nap it." You are singing my song. ;)

  2. I LOVE this list! And, funny enough, several of these songs are on my list, too... talk about a wide variety of songs. Although, I do see that you are missing, "Manamana" by the Muppets... laughter and instant memories are a great way to pick up a struggling workout!