Saturday, February 8, 2014

Race Recap - The Krispy Kreme Challenge

12 Doughnuts - 5 Miles - 2400 Calories - 1 Hour

Or, since we are not crazy college students:

1 Doughnut - 4.87 Miles (Garmin) - 200 Calories - Just under 1.5 hours

The Krispy Kreme Challenge is a fundraiser for the NC Children's Hospital that started 10 years ago on a dare with a bunch of NC State students.  Run from the NCSU Belltower down to the Krispy Kreme on Peace Street, eat a fresh dozen glazed doughnuts, and run back in under a hour.  Nowadays, it's turned into a major event and fundraiser with nearly 8,000 runners.  It's mentioned in many lists of the top cool things to do at colleges nationwide and it's definitely an iconic event here in Raleigh.

Enough history!  I can sum this event up in two words: Costumes and Puke.

I know you are so disappointed that I didn't take photos of the puke.  I did, however, take lots of photos of the costumes!  What's that?  You say you prefer costume photos?  Well, ok weirdos, here they are:

Uhhhh... dead mice in kilts?

NCSU Wolfpack, er... wolfdragon?

That cop from Reno 911 and some lady donuts

Banana Boys


Breaking Bad




We did not dress up.  I wanted to, but my darling 15 year old son is in that teenage phase where everything your parent does is mortifyingly embarrassing.  So, yeah.  No costumes.  This was Wil's first race!  If you read this blog at all, I think you know that I trained for crap.  Wil didn't train at all.  So we did 1/1 intervals and still ended up finishing ahead of several thousand people. 

The start was cold - 38 degrees or so and we did a lot of waiting before the 8:30am gun.  (Review some of those costume photos now that you know how cold it was! YIKES!).  We were expecting rain, but thankfully, it was only overcast.  The race started promptly and so did Wil's teenage bowels.  Poor guy had the trots, big time.  The 2.5 miles to the Krispy Kreme (and only Port-O-Potty stop) were a blur of grimaces and curt nods when I would ask if he was doing ok.  He is a trooper, though, and handled it like a boss.  I also got several marvelously detailed descriptions of the poop situation as only a 15 year old boy can provide.  It was sad yet hilarious.  Sadlarious, as we call it in my house.

Finally, we made it to Krispy Kreme!

Wil gets his dozen
Selfie while Wil waited in the Potty line

Nom nom nom

Me & Wil in front of Krispy Kreme at the halfway point.

All the empty boxes!  So many carbs!!
 There were not a lot of spectators, but we did see this cute sign next to a guy playing trombone:
It says, "Please Don't Puke On Me!"
We did see a good amount of vomit, so the more squeamish may want to skip this race.  The Finish Line was pretty much a puke-fest.  Again, yerwelcome for not providing THOSE pics.

This race was loads of fun!  As always, I wish I would have trained more (reoccurring theme here at LFTL) buuuuuut, it really was mostly a "fun run" and loads of people were flat out walking.  They allowed strollers and wheelchairs to be pushed, so the only people that cared about time were way up front anyway.  There were no corrals or anything in the way of dividing people by pace, so we just headed to the back third of the pack, and we were just fine.  We were passed and we passed folks.  No major problems with attitudes since everyone was there for a good time.

So proud of my son!  He says it's his first and LAST race, but we'll see.  That lure of the Finish Line is a siren's song too sweet to forget.

Could you eat a dozen doughnuts in the middle of a 5 mile race?  (and not puuuuuuke???)


  1. Oh man, Krispy Kreme is my weakness and I might be able to eat one, but definitely not a dozen (let me clarify, not a dozen while racing...sitting on the couch yes quite likely I could). Looks like a super fun race (minus the puke). My 14 year old son started and ended his running career with me last spring at the Expedition Everest 5k and scavenger hunt. He said he had a good time, but sweating isn't his thing. Maybe when he gets older he'll try again.

    1. I have to tell you, I am a dozen on the couch girl myself, but in the middle of running (with loads of hills because that is Raleigh), UGH. I couldn't do any more! Here's hoping both our sons have a change of heart!!

  2. First of all thank you for no puke pics lol. I love your recap, as I'm one that's prone to puking if I eat while I run I stay away from these types of races but I love that you did this with your son!! I'm sure you can convince him again ;)

    1. Thanks Kels! I have a hard time eating during halfs - even those little sports beans are too much at times. My tummy shuts down since all my efforts are sent to the part of my brain that keeps me from napping. :/

  3. Krispy Kreme makes me want to vomit on their own....I cannot even imagine running and eating it. Seems like fun for you guys, though :)