Monday, February 10, 2014

Day 2 of 100 - Bike Trainer Comes Out Of The Box

I started my 100 Days yesterday with a 5 mile run/walk.  I decided my 100 Days Project was going to be dedicating time to "working out" - meaning a run, a bike ride, and/or swimming.  I did it this way because I'm not certain I can swim EVERY DAY and I don't want to set myself up to fail and thus have a reason to just give up the whole thing. 

My plan is to alternate run/bike days and swim Monday through Friday.  This means I start swimming tomorrow when I am in the throes of my horrid little monthly visitor.  Not only am I bloated and cranky, but I am pretty uninterested in shimmying into a bathing suit when I have gained some pesky LBs since the last time I was swimming regularly.
Today I set up bike trainer and tried out my new bike shoes!  This led to the immediate rediscovery that I am highly uncoordinated!  The trainer has been sitting in a box since Christmas so it was good to get it out and actually use it.  The shoes I just got a few weeks ago, along with new pedals.  I had to install all that today as well.  I'm a regular Bob The Builder today.

I also am doing Chemistry for 100 days.  I went to Wake Tech Health Campus on Friday and got all re-signed up.  Yesterday I checked my log-in and realized I had forgotten whatever crazy nonsensical password they had assigned me and searched for the papers that told me my log-in info to no avail.  Today I was able to just reset my password (I blame post-Krispy Kreme Challenge hangover as the reason I didn't just do this yesterday) and when I got in, I discovered that none of my progress from last semester was erased as they had told me it would be.   So yay!

What?  It's chemistry, right?
Any one with a bike trainer have any tips?  (Especially in getting used to clipless bike shoes??)  And I appreciate any and all comments that will help keep me accountable as I do my 100 Days!!!  SHAME ME INTO BETTER FITNESS!!!

Check out my sweet new shoes & pedals!!

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