Friday, April 25, 2014

My first DNS will be tomorrow. :(

I was all set to race tomorrow but my mouth has gotten in the way.  By that, I mean a huge abscess requiring a big scary root canal has presented itself and I can't get an appointment to fix it until Monday.  They did give me pain pills (which make me sleep all day).  I'm not sure I want to Open Water Swim when high on Vicodin and barely conscious. Although, it might be an improvement since I PANIC in open water!

Anyway, I am bummed.  And my least favorite tooth hurts.  And Vicodin is no fun.  Why do people take this for recreation?  I am sad and tired on it.  If that is better than not taking it for some people, I need to stop and count my blessings, like immediately.

Here's a totally unrelated graphic that makes me laugh every April 25th:

So,  no sprint tri tomorrow.  I'm tough, but I'm not mouth-pain tough. 


  1. Oh man, that doesn't sound fun AT ALL. I might require narcotics for open water swimming due to my deep water fish/shark/jellyfish/kracken phobias. Hope it goes well at the dentist and yes, this is one darn good reason for a DNS.

  2. Well, you are a lot braver than I am - I would not attempt doing any TRIs except that one I did was a sprint - and it was scary as heck in the swimming pool. Just have not work the fear out of it, probably because I almost drown as an adult- so for now, I will just froclick in the pool. Vicodin knocks me out when I had the bone spur - I was sleepless for nights so in as much I don't like drugs, I do the necessary evil. I think it is a wise decision on your part not to do the TRI, there will be other ones. I hope you are well other than that. I am not sure I will do Galloway this year and if I do, I rather be a participant. I'm actually getting tired of the running things