Saturday, March 1, 2014

My treadmill lies to me.

I've mentioned before that my treadmill is a dirty liar.  For example, yesterday I burned over 400 calories in 3.1 miles with a pace of 15:38 and a heart rate of 44 bpm ACCORDING TO THAT LYING POS.  I know the pace reads slower than both the treadmills at the gym and my outside pace.  Plus, when I'm doing my home treadmill runs at the same pace as my walking (elsewhere) pace, you know something is hinky.  Last Monday, I ran at the gym and was happy with my pace.  It's slow, but I'm really working on being consistent with my run/walk intervals so I'm not stressing about being "fast" at the moment.  BUT!  My home treadmill has me a whole minute per mile OR MORE slower and I know I am not going slower. 

Since it still works, I hate to get a new one when really - these are just numbers.  As long as the numbers improve, it's still improvement.  It IS psychologically frustrating to see these numbers reflect such slowness.  However, I am fully embracing the "Go Slow To Go Fast" school of thought
I am pushing myself, but I am not killing myself.  I also decided to crank up the incline a bit since hills flat out kill me every.single.time. and I need some uphill practice.

I'm starting the 12 week HIM plan on Monday.  Commitment to this plan will determine whether or not I cancel my HIM in June.  Even commitment might not save me if I can't get to a place where I can finish in 8.5 hours.  I need to get better (and faster) in all three disciplines.

I'd ask for you to wish me luck, but what I need is determination and commitment.  So can you please wish me some of that instead?


  1. I wish you determination and commitment!

  2. MapMyRun is a liar, too. I used to use it to track my runs and walks. It tried to convince me I walk a 12 minute mile. It also claimed I was burning crazy numbers of calories. Liar!

  3. I wish my scale would lie to me and say I weigh 125lbs! LOL