Monday, December 9, 2013

Just what I needed to get my sweet butt in gear!

I've been lazy.  I've been unmotivated.  Just yesterday, I looked down and had a chocolate chip cookie in one hand and a piece of pumpkin pie in the other and I was alternating bites. (Sadly, I'm not exaggerating for effect...)  But today, my friends, TODAY has brought me exactly what I needed to get back into the swing of things!

Angels are singing!  Lisa is going to get off her butt and train!
Ever since I saw this SparkleSkirt majestically named Everest, I had a bad case of wanty.  I never had the extra cash over the summer and then, just like that, it was sold out in my size.  That's MEDIUM, beotches!!  (Important side note: Y'all are not really beotches.  I'm just overly excited I can squeeze my cookie/pie eating hiney into a medium.  When I started running, I wore an XL SparkleSkirt so Medium is kinda a big deal to me!)


I belong to a FaceBook group called SparkleSkirt Princesses that is like a fan club for these skirts and they often times sell secondhand skirts for almost full value (like when people size down, etc).  Everest was never offered in my size and I even thought about buying a $100 SparkleSkirt Gift Certificate to convince someone to part with theirs.  Yes, I am that wild about this skirt.

Hallelujah!  I just saved $40 by not buying someone else's used skirt.
Let me tell you why SparkleSkirts are so awesome.  First of all, they are super-cute.  It's a scientific fact that you run faster if you look super-cute.  I read that in Runner's World, I think.  Second, the undershorts do not ride up, which is a huge deal.  They are way comfy and don't get up in your business.  And third, and my favorite part, the undershorts have these huge, deep pockets where you can carry just about anything without the worry about it falling out.  Oh, plus a zipper pocket at the waistband.  Seriously well thought-out sportswear that is practical AND as aforementioned, SUPER-CUTE.

Now, I must wash away my sadness over deferring the WDW Full and find the perfect race for my new beautiful SparkleSkirt.  I'm so excited!

And now I can start obsessing about the matching headband!
*Just so y'all know - I do not work for SparkleSkirts or get any kickbacks for gushing to high Heaven about them.  I am just a chubby little runner who wants to look good while trying to stay in shape.  I really do recommend them and feel absolutely adorable when I wear mine.


  1. ...if you read it in Runner's World, it HAS to be true! ;-) New gear is always great inspiration... heck... I just got a new workout bag and can't wait to get to the gym just to show it off! :-)

  2. Oh I love love love SparkleSkirts. I literally will not run in anything else. I am in the double digits now and am on sparkle-restriction (self imposed) until I decide I can part with some. I don't own Everest yet, but the more I see it, the more I love it. My favorites right now are my Peacock Earth, Thunder Goddess and Black Linen (which I wear shopping and socializing). Oh, and I am freaking thrilled I can squeeze myself into a medium in them too! Sorry, I'm gushing now too!