Wednesday, November 27, 2013

In a holding pattern

With Thanksgiving tomorrow and my schedule so full, I haven't been running (or doing anything more strenuous than waddling to the fridge).  I feel like I have been pigging out - eating cookies, cake, candies, you name it - but  haven't gained a single pound since coming back from Disney.  And not sure if I shared this in my Disney recap, but I LOST 4 LBS while at WDW for the Wine & Dine week.  I felt like we did nothing but eat, so I was shocked when I came home expecting a 5 lb gain.

Oink Oink!  It's the holidays!
I am spending Thanksgiving alone.  My kids are with their dad.  My mom is in Florida for the week and the friends I was going to eat with had to cancel since one of them is in the hospital and not doing very well.  I am also missing my half-sister's wedding because my car's engine light came on and I can't get it looked at until the day I'm supposed to leave on that 1200 mile round-trip drive. It's kinda a rough Thanksgiving, however I still have a million reasons to be thankful.

Top two reasons I am thankful EVERY day.
I'm debating between joining a club (maybe two, but that might be overkill) to get through the off-season.  The first is the Winter session of Raleigh Galloway.  I goes from December through May and I would have set group runs every Saturday.  It's $85 to join.  I joined the regular May through November session of RG and went ONE TIME.  I don't know why this would be different.  My problem is that I'm not very social and in many ways, these slower Galloway groups are kinda cliquey (as weird as that sounds).  So, I spent most of last year running alone in a group.  When no one cares if you show up, it's kinda hard to remain accountable to those people.

No real photo, because I feel bad enough for calling those people cliquey when it is probably my own shyness that is stopping me from being one of them.  I did have a wonderfully snarky group photo and comment though.  BUT I AM TAKING THE HIGH ROAD TODAY INSTEAD!!
The other group I am considering joining is the Inside Out Sports Triathlon Club (ISOTC). Full membership is $80 and it includes group rides, runs, and swims all throughout the week.  I just feel like these are REAL triathletes and I will get left in the dust/be a burden on a group.

Aren't there any other out of shape fatties in this group?
I have some time to figure out my next step and while I do need to get on the ball, I'm going to take my time to decide what I can put my heart into. I think that will yield the best results.

For now, I am going to enjoy being thankful for the things I do have.

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  1. Ha! I have the same issue of being very unsocial and thus assuming people in groups are being cliquey. And they probably are kind of cliquey, but I bet if I was more outgoing they'd accept me (if that makes sense). Just wanted to say you're not alone with that!